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What started as yet another quality improvement method tried by companies 30 years back has emerged as the most measurable product development and process improvement method of the century. The Six Sigma was pioneered by Motorola in 1970’s but became a famous problem solving and process improvement approach when GE started to use it in 80’s. The Six Sigma is a set of tools, processes, strategies and techniques for process improvement. The 6 sigma method stipulates stringent adherence to ensure and reproduce quality in product creation. It’s one of the MUST have among the manufacturing companies across the world. Training for six sigma and certification are done by practitioners with excellent industry experience.

Following are the key certifications in Six Sigma:

-         Six Sigma Green Belt certification (SSGB)

-         Six Sigma Black Belt Certification (SSBB)

-         Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification (SSMBB)

Additional certifications:

-         Six Sigma Yellow Belt (SSYB)

-         Six Sigma White Belt (SSWB)

Benefits of Six Sigma:

-         Enhanced product/process quality

-         Application of problem solving approach helps the people in the organization to learn and grow

-         Better supply chain management

-         Improved processes

-         Cycle time reduction

-         Increased focus on customer expectations

-         Reduction of wastes and hence lower cost of production

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