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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is about the mind and language with which one communicates with another. It's an excellent technique for understanding one's mind and apply that to the language (including body and verbal) one uses. Psychometric analysis is the base for this modern science for individual development and personality improvement. Practitioners of NLP are not only able to cure psychological disorders but also medical maladies. NLP offers an interesting perspective to approach life and is becoming well known for modern living. Basic practitioner training teaches the fundamentals of NLP so one can begin to practice. Master Practitioner training/coaching is given to existing practitioners.

Certification Bodies for NLP: There are many NLP associations or bodies that promote and certify NLP practitioners. Below is a list of some of  the key NLP certifying agencies.

-          The Association of NLP

-          The British Board of NLP

-          The Society of NLP

-          The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

-          The Professional Guild of NLP

-          International NLP Trainers Association


NLP certification:

-          NLP Practitioner certification – first level

-          NLP Master Practitioner certification – 2nd level

-          NLP Trainer certification – 3rd level


Benefits of NLP Certifications:

Well, for one thing, NLP changes your perspective towards life. It’s a life-changing approach to improve self. Here’s more in detail:

-          Learn things about yourself

-          Identify your limitations and find a way to overcome the same

-          Learn techniques to Master your mind

-          Learn things quickly

-          Handle emotions right

-          Develop Positive attitude

-          Increased Confidence levels

-          Use right language and exhibit right behaviour to get things done from others

-          Benefits personal life, social life, professional career as well as business

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